We’ve been asked many times about how The Elmwood Inn came to be and we thought we would explain the story for those who are interested.

The building itself was built around 1890 next to a small apple orchard where the old Benfante’s Hardware used to be. The building has changed hands several times over the years and many different families have lived here. The most interesting aspect of our building was that it was the Byrne O’Leary Funeral Home from 1955 to 1970.

After the funeral home closed the building remained vacant for approximately 7 years. Sometime during 1976, two imaginative fellows named Tom Adamski and Dale Weaver happened to drive by the old vacant house and said something to the effect, “Let’s make that place into a restaurant!” In 1977, The Elmwood Inn was incorporated.

One day, Dale Weaver found himself in need of a car and traded his half of the Elmwood Inn Corporation to Tom for a used Volkswagen.

In 1979, Tom got a little tired of the restaurant business and went back to his first love, moving furniture. Tom then handed off the running of the restaurant to his wife Lorie and her friend.

Business was good but sadly, in 1980, Tom and Lorie got divorced.

Tom went back to running the restaurant and Lorie went to waitress at a happenin’ place called Greenstreets. There, Lorie met Paul Dean who worked there cooking their chicken wings and told him, “Hey, my ex has this GREAT goldmine restaurant and really wants to go back to the moving business. Are you interested?”

After giving it some thought, Paul decided to give restaurant ownership a try. In March of 1982, he bought The Elmwood Inn and has been here ever since.

What people
say about us.

“The beer and wings are amazing and I am a tough critic from Buffalo”

Megan Green, Rochester

“Undoubtedly, my favorite local hangout for great food, drinks and people”

Timothy Beal MD, Rochester

“I had a fish fry and it was the best I ever had”

Tom Vierthaler, Rochester

“Haddock French- is absolutely wonderful”

Michele Wemett, Rochester

“My wife and I come often, alone and with friends. One of our favorite restaurants”

Bill Brindle, Rochester

“My first visit to the Elmwood Inn, the food was delicious”

Brenda Smith, Rochester

“The grilled chicken salad was the biggest and tastiest I have ever had”

PJ Santoro, Rochester

“The Elmwood is Rochester’s best culinary secret. They are the best.”

Nathaniel Spurr, Rochester

“The strip steak and Quesadillas were delicious. Service was good too”

Margery Schwartz, Rochester

“Salad was the best I ever had, steak was great too. Coffee was nice and hot”

Christine Hartung, Rochester

“I love your restaurant! My husband and I come here all the time and really enjoy the staff, the food is great. We always have a good time here.”

Mary Wiersma, Rochester

“The food is wonderful and very delicious. Server was very courteous”

Joan Bigham, Rochester

“Shrimp Scampi is superb. My husband is delighted with the chicken French. Kudos to the chef”

Felicia Smith, Rochester

“My steak was cooked to perfection, as well as the rest of the meal. Service was excellent too”

Norman Sanders, Rochester