From: “Paul Dean” <[email protected]>

To: <all_customers>

Subject: Hey This Is Fred From Elmwood……

Hey this is Fred
I’m the guy who works back in the kitchen for Paul. Paul sometimes leaves his laptop open so I gotta hurry up with this before he gets back. I’m one of those 2 finger typers if ya know what I mean? Like I can make a mean Chicken French but when it comes to typin or grammar forget about it. So anyway Paul keeps on ordering extra desserts and stuff and I figured why not take advantage a little? So if I see your orders pretty good (Like 20 at least) I’ll just throw a couple in the bag for you. Just show this email to the girl out front or give a shout to me in the back when you get here and say don’t forget me Fred or whatever. Sound good? Just don’t tell Paul about this or I’m (bleeped). This is only good until he finds out (which he will) or we run out.
PS: It’ll be my choice on the dessert maybe cheesecake maybe carrot cake Got me?
PH: 271-5195
PSS: We’re only open 11-2 and 5-8 now to go only no dine in because of you know who ( I’ll keep the rest of my opinions to myself)