From: “Paul Dean” <[email protected]>
To: <all_loyal_customers>
Subject: Hey Its Me Freddy Again

Hey it’s me Freddy again

Last night SO many people came in and took us up on our offer of our freebie dessert I’m holding it over this weekend or until it runs out. I can’t do this forever the boss will kill me. While I’m already in trouble I may as well throw in a couple other specials for this weekend as well.

Any order over 20 gets at least 1 dessert. If its a lot more I’ll throw in 2

For every order of 20 wings I’ll sneak you guys some f.ree pretzels. NOW it’s not gonna be a whole order I’m not that crazy but don’t worry I’ll hook you guys up.

Today IS Friday so we’ll be making our world class fish fry all weekend too.

Hey did you know we got drinks to go? I wasn’t sure so I’ll list a few here

Margaritas, Moscoe Mules, Long Islands and MANY more. We’ll put em in a mason jar for you to keep too.
Have a great weekend and stay safe


PS: You GOTTA call in to get the dessert or pretzel deal it not avail through the apps OK?
PH: 271-5195


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